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Today I've got a B17 Cancer Diet and enzyme overview video for you. In my view, the nutritional cancer concepts are actually only part of the picture. So when you hear about B17 amygdalin or laetrile, if you haven't considered the importance of enzymes, you are missing an important part of the picture. That's what you're gonna hear about in this video. But in order to get to that, we really have to dive into the trophoblastic theory of cancer. This was first presented by Dr. John Beard in 1905, but then revisited by Ernst T Krebs Jr around 1950, where he added his concept of nutritional and enzyme deficiencies to the picture, which made these concepts much stronger. The Trophoblastic Theory of Cancer by Ernst Krebs is part two of my series of reports, which you can get as a free subscriber on ForbiddenTreatment.com . So check those out. The proposed model from Dr. Beard was all about the similarity between a pregnancy trophoblast, the mass of cells that creates the embryo in a pregnancy and that of a cancer tumor.

What are the similarities? Well, as pointed out by Krebs, both a pregnancy trophoblast and a cancer tumor have a negatively charged thin protein layer, which is called the pericellular sialomucin coat. Because of it's negative polarity, it electrostatically repels the also negatively charged white blood cells.

This natural mechanism protects the trophoblast from being attacked by our own cells, allowing the pregnancy to continue to grow. So what about cancer? Wouldn't you prefer if your white blood cells could attack a cancer tumor?

Well, it appears that some sort of stress or trauma throws off the estrogen hormone balance, which allows a trophoblast to form when it shouldn't. In this case, estrogen performs a protective mechanism, but may be in error due to the problematic metabolism likely related to pancreatic insufficiency.

So why does the pancreas matter here? Well, a healthy pancreas produces many enzymes, but in this case, two of the most important are apparently trypsin and chymotrypsin. These are in an inactive form called a zymogen until they reach the small intestines where they're absorbed into the bloodstream.

This simplified model explained in this book, "World Without Cancer" by G. Edward Griffin, explains that these enzymes are capable of digesting the outer protein layer, the sialomucin coat, which I mentioned a moment ago. When these enzymes are available in the bloodstream and not used up by the digestive process, the sialomucin protein layer is defeated, and nutrients such as amygdalin or laetrile can attack and kill the cancer cells.

Now, you know why dietary choices are very important with these nutritional approaches so these enzyme levels can be high, but also why supplementing with enzymes is also very important.

Just to be clear, the trophoblast really should only form if you are a woman and are pregnant. In all other situations, it is due to an apparent imbalance starting with an estrogen imbalance and contributed by low levels of enzymes, including trypsin and chymotrypsin, which would normally digest the electrostatically charged outer protein layer of a developing trophoblast.

The part of the theory that does not seem to be completely clarified is why these enzymes don't disrupt a pregnancy trophoblast, but with proper nutritional care can seem to disrupt the non pregnancy cancer trophoblast. If a woman was pregnant in this situation, she would lose the pregnancy, but that does not seem to occur.

On the other hand, if a nutritional intervention was being used successfully to fight off cancer, the enzymes would digest the outer protein layer of the trophoblast and allow the amygdalin or other nitriloside nutrients to release cyanide gas and benzaldehyde to kill the cancer cells.

Since tumors are typically composed of a dominant number of non-cancerous cells, these would not be killed off due to the protective mechanism of the rhodanase enzyme, which converts the the cyanide gas to a non-toxic thiocyanate. These healthy cells would ideally then be freed up to normal metabolic function once again. Now, let's get into the ideal dietary recommendations that were typically followed when taking this nutritional approach.

These are some of the dietary changes that I would make if I had an active cancer situation and would of course be on a nitriloside B17 protocol. Starting off with the disclaimer, I am not a health professional of any kind and make no medical claims. I'm just a researcher who happens to have gone through some gut healing of my own and now have a rather healthy gut. That being said, I also feel that each person has their own gut situation that is best dealt with by a professional consultation. Again, I'm not a medical doctor and I don't give any medical advice. None of my statements are intended to diagnose, treat, prevent, or cure any disease. If you have a medical condition, I advise you to consult a professional for advice.

What I'll share here is more general and some of what I would and wouldn't eat while on a B17 protocol. Before getting into this, it should be noted that in the days after Dr. John Beard proposed the trophoblastic theory of cancer in 1905, research began on enzyme therapy based on the importance of pancreatic function in the prevention of cancer. Among the enzymes deemed vital were trypsin and chymotrypsin, which are produced by the pancreas in their inactive form, and not activated until reaching the intestines where they're absorbed by the blood.

Eventually, the idea was proposed and adopted to avoid foods like red meat, which consume these enzymes in the digestive process. This way, these enzymes would be conserved and delivered to the bloodstream in abundance and could perform the role of digesting the electrostatically charged outer protein layer on the periphery of a cancer mass, which I've already discussed.

This linked pancreatic insufficiency, including low production of many enzymes such as trypsin and chymotrypsin with the metabolic syndrome that often leads to some sort of cancer. Combining these concepts with that of the B17 nitrilosides creates a powerful set of tools that research doctors in the 1970s were exploring extensively. They combined high enzyme cleansing diets such as the Max Gerson diet with B17 laetrile as well as supplemental enzyme therapy. Dr. Hans Nieper of Germany was one of the pioneers of this multi-pronged approach, which was highly successful.

The important takeaway here is that the enzymes were not limited to that which is absorbed from the fresh pressed juices, but also supplemented from glandular pancreatic enzymes, which normally would be provided by a properly functioning pancreas, yet seems to fall short during a cancer situation. It should also be noted that while some doctors notice a pancreatic insufficiency, the enzymes that I've seen recommended by some are lacking important enzymes such as trypsin and chymotrypsin and catalase.

I've also never heard of a problem of consuming too many enzymes, so avoiding these crucial enzymes could be a considerable mistake in light of all the case histories that have accumulated now for many decades.

So Dr. John Richardson was one of the most prolific doctors fighting for freedom to avail the use of B17 therapy in the 1970s, which had been illegal and only available across the border in Mexico.

His dietary advice as covered in this book, the World Without Cancer by G. Edward Griffin, considered largely of this, eat any and all vegetables that don't conflict with your digestion. Red meat should be avoided, but lightly cooked. Fish and chicken without skin are allowed, but should all be cooked without animal fats, no dairy products, beef, mutton, ham, bacon, et cetera.

Plenty of liquids, pure water, fresh pressed juices, including vegetable juices, vitamin C, vitamin E, and a good multivitamin or equivalent. Toxins like tobacco and alcohol should be avoided, as well as coffee, tranquilizers, sedatives, et cetera.

B15 pangamic acid should always be taken as it provides a detoxifying transmethylating effect on the liver. B15 also increases the oxygen uptake potential of the tissues, allowing better control of the fermentative process that trophoblasts use to sustain their electrostatically charged outer protein layer.

Pancreatic enzymes and B15 pangamic acid are thus an important part of the B17 metabolic approach.

So to summarize, enzymes are a very important part of the metabolic imbalance that we call cancer. If enzymes are used up during digestion, they can't be utilized to digest the electrostatically charged outer protein layer of the trophoblastic tumor.

Thus, dietary choices are important for these nutritional approaches. Combining supplemented enzymes with abundant fresh pressed vegetable juices provides additional enzymes in order to help substitute for potentially missing enzymes, not secreted by an insufficiently functioning pancreas.

Now you should be able to see why this approach is a truly metabolic approach.

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So thank you so much for watching and I look forward to seeing you next time.

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